Movie Review of 'South Side With Me'

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Movie Review of 'South Side With Me' Empty Movie Review of 'South Side With Me'

Post by Steve on Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:23 pm

Movie Review of 'South Side With Me'

I was so pleasantly delighted to watch a romance movie without people taking off their clothes. The movie, 'South Side With Me' was about when our current president and his wife met. Barack and Michelle Obama were portrayed gracefully as two intelligent, caring people of color.

So many movies portray people as not being capable of manners or restraint. This one had real thought put into it. The topics discussed had substance.

Regardless of political views, I believe Mr. And Mrs. Obama are good people. I believe most politicians initially began with a passion for their communities and wanting to make a difference. It's never too late to give back to the place you came from.

One scene was set at a housing community disgruntled about being rejected on a proposal. The character gave a speech that I loved. He helped them understand how to turn a disappointment into a possibility. The actor had Mr. Obama's mannerisms and way of talking perfected. It sounded just like the man himself.

Michelle has always been a very classy woman. The movie only focused on their first date and did not go into the years that followed. This was actually a nice effect because it held my attention for a full hour and a half. I didn't have to see trash thrown in for lack of good writing as in most movies we see today.

I didn't vote for Mr. Obama as President and didn't like the health care reform but I am glad we had our first colored President and am sure we will see our first woman President soon. I do believe he is a good speaker and role model. I am glad there haven't been any marital unfaithfulness scandals as we've seen with others in the past. It's good to see a couple who love each other.

The one quality I'd like to see during my lifetime is a true return to Christian values in a President and that person not being mocked for it. I may never see that again.

In spite of any of our country's shortcomings, we are still blessed to live in a democracy. People died for the liberties we enjoy today. Before we criticize our leaders or government, we must be willing to vote and participate in our local communities. We must show our young people how to contribute to the betterment of society. I do give our President and his wife credit for that. I give this movie a wonderful rating.

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Movie Review of 'South Side With Me' Empty Re: Movie Review of 'South Side With Me'

Post by Shole on Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:43 am

I dunno about the Obamas as people but as politicians they kinda created a bit of a racial tension between the americans, no jobs created and well just got the USA deeper in depth and didn't stop the war.
So this is a no go movie for me.
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