Strange Tale of Hangover-Free Beer

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Strange Tale of Hangover-Free Beer Empty Strange Tale of Hangover-Free Beer

Post by Steve on Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:56 am

Strange Tale of Hangover-Free Beer


Right from the times when man has become intelligent and knowledgeable enough, he has started looking out for the options that help him to get near the pleasure and comfort. In the pursuit for the elixir of life that would bring back a dead man to life, he has developed some other things that helped him to find something more that what the life or nature has to offer. One such fly off that humanity has found out is hangover-free beer. For many of us who drink bear occasionally, this is a blessing-in-disguise. The regular drinkers of beer would certainly love to hear about this. Hence, we have dwelt in some detail about this variant of beer in this article.

Hangover-free Beer Discovery

Many of us who are occasional drinkers of beer have been longing for having a beverage that does not make any hangover effect after drinking it. People would like to hear about such a drink that does not cause addiction and drowsy effect. Some others would become elated and jump the spirit out of their body, when they come to hear about the hangover-free beer. A group of researchers in the continent country of Australia have come out with such a beer. They have developed such a drink by fusing beer with sports drink technology.

New Beer

What the scientists have done is that they have added more electrolytes to the traditional beer. These electrolytes hydrate the body, instead of dehydrating it. They have found out that dehydration is one of the major causes for getting hangover. After trial on some people, they have found that adding a few electrolytes into beer could avoid most common symptoms of dehydration, including headache, fatigue. After first round of research, they took four kinds of beers - two regular, one light, one strong - and added extra electrolytes to them. They also made sure that the electrolyte addition did not affect the flavor of the beer. Then, they studied the degree of hydration by each one of them. They found out that the light beer hydrated the subjects the most. Hence, the body retained it for a longer time period when compared to the periods of retention for other three variants.

Cause of Hangover

This study also brought out the finding that the hangover is mainly due to the body's reaction against the dehydration. The body uses water from other sources, mainly stored food, to replenish the lost water. This causes the hangover reaction. Unless the water is given, the body would run short of water, crippling major biochemical reactions in the body.

People who drink hotter beverages such as whisky, beer, etc. have complained about hangover that they need to undergo a day after. This is mainly due to the dehydration of the body. Now, researchers have found a way to avoid that by adding suitable electrolytes that aid in hydration of the body. This article talks about this work by a group of scientists. For more such information, the readers can visit the link

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Strange Tale of Hangover-Free Beer Empty Re: Strange Tale of Hangover-Free Beer

Post by Shole on Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:58 am

I still didnt come across a beer you don't get a hangover, well unless you are drinking it in limited quantities.
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